V-Cut Lacrosse 

Private Lessons:

- Looking for private lacrosse lessons for your daughter?

- Want to work with experienced High School seniors?

- OR, work with Coach Amy Voettiner and experienced 

lacrosse coach for over 12 years. Her full Bio is on the

About US page.

If you are a beginner or intermediate player

and want to improve your stick skills, perfect your shot,  

dominate on defense, or simpy learn to play lacrosse.... 

Zoë & Carlie are ready to help you!  


To set up private lessons with Coach Amy or either of  them

please contact:

Amy Voettiner (703)966-3239

Otto Voettiner is a personal trainer. He specializes in working with girls & boys on their  speed & agility.  The athletic training is designed to help them to compete at a higher level.

Zoë Voettiner & Carlie Rosenburg both play college lacrosse.  Zoë specializes in defense and Carlie is a mid-fielder.  They both played lacrosse at Battlefield High School and graduated in 2018.

They have played lacrosse for

over 12 years for MBYL, Brigade, NoVA West, 

SuperNoVA, Capital, & Battlefield High School

and both girls play lacrosse in college and will graduate college in spring of 2022.